A Busy Mom and a B’Not Mitzvah

Sebrell Smith Designer Events was thrilled to help busy mom and Savannah attorney Lori Loncon create the perfect B’Not Mitzvah celebration.  While you may be familiar with the term Bar or Bat Mitzvah (a coming of age celebration in the Jewish tradition for either a boy or a girl, respectively), a B’Not Mitzvah is a particularly special event as it celebrates the coming of age of twin girls.

Recently, we sat down with Lori to ask her about her experience.

Sebrell Smith Designer Events:  Lori, what was this process like before you engaged the services of an event planner?

Lori Loncon:  Before I hired Sebrell Smith Designer Events, I had this ridiculous list of things that needed attention, although I’m quite sure my list wasn’t anywhere detailed enough.  I was shopping for hours on-line for linens, talking to rental agencies about table cloths and chairs, searching the web for centerpiece ideas, and spending WAY too much time in Michael’s Crafts trying to figure out what to do for decor. Trying to coordinate all of these puzzle pieces with the venue was impossible.  I was laying awake at night with a million things running through my head.  Lists were everywhere.  I was thrilled to let all of that go.

SSDE:  What caused you to hand the process over to an event planner?

LL:  I was having an impossible time getting vendors locked down on the details and I was not happy with many of the ideas they floated.  I also could not get the vendors to coordinate with each other, or with the venue.  My time was getting eaten alive with very few results.  I am not a creative person, either, so I had no cohesive vision as to what the event would look like.

SSDE:  What do you feel were the benefits of using an event planner/designer?

LL:  Sebrell Smith Designer Events handled EVERYTHING.  I met with her team once, and after that, we exchanged a few emails, and the next thing I knew, everything was D.O.N.E  DONE!  I never would have come up with the beautiful scenario she created, nor would I have had the time, energy or resources to get the things done that she and her team accomplished.   It was cost effective, as well.  Because SSDE works regularly with the vendors, she was able to obtain good pricing.

SSDE:  What was the final result?

LL:  Everything was perfect and beautiful beyond my expectations.  There was fantastic lighting, wonderful centerpieces, great layout – the works!  All I had to do was show up and have fun.  I would definitely use an event planner – specifically Sebrell Smith Designer Events – again for any event that I host!


L to R: Emma, Zoey, Lori and Sarah Loncon