A Busy Mom and a B’Not Mitzvah

Sebrell Smith Designer Events was thrilled to help busy mom and Savannah attorney Lori Loncon create the perfect B’Not Mitzvah celebration.  While you may be familiar with the term Bar or Bat Mitzvah (a coming of age celebration in the Jewish tradition for either a boy or a girl, respectively), a B’Not Mitzvah is a particularly special event as it celebrates the coming of age of twin girls.

Recently, we sat down with Lori to ask her about her experience.

Sebrell Smith Designer Events:  Lori, what was this process like before you engaged the services of an event planner?

Lori Loncon:  Before I hired Sebrell Smith Designer Events, I had this ridiculous list of things that needed attention, although I’m quite sure my list wasn’t anywhere detailed enough.  I was shopping for hours on-line for linens, talking to rental agencies about table cloths and chairs, searching the web for centerpiece ideas, and spending WAY too much time in Michael’s Crafts trying to figure out what to do for decor. Trying to coordinate all of these puzzle pieces with the venue was impossible.  I was laying awake at night with a million things running through my head.  Lists were everywhere.  I was thrilled to let all of that go.

SSDE:  What caused you to hand the process over to an event planner?

LL:  I was having an impossible time getting vendors locked down on the details and I was not happy with many of the ideas they floated.  I also could not get the vendors to coordinate with each other, or with the venue.  My time was getting eaten alive with very few results.  I am not a creative person, either, so I had no cohesive vision as to what the event would look like.

SSDE:  What do you feel were the benefits of using an event planner/designer?

LL:  Sebrell Smith Designer Events handled EVERYTHING.  I met with her team once, and after that, we exchanged a few emails, and the next thing I knew, everything was D.O.N.E  DONE!  I never would have come up with the beautiful scenario she created, nor would I have had the time, energy or resources to get the things done that she and her team accomplished.   It was cost effective, as well.  Because SSDE works regularly with the vendors, she was able to obtain good pricing.

SSDE:  What was the final result?

LL:  Everything was perfect and beautiful beyond my expectations.  There was fantastic lighting, wonderful centerpieces, great layout – the works!  All I had to do was show up and have fun.  I would definitely use an event planner – specifically Sebrell Smith Designer Events – again for any event that I host!


L to R: Emma, Zoey, Lori and Sarah Loncon




What to wear – for the men!

Sometimes it seems like the brides have all the fun choosing every last detail of their wedding wardrobe.

Men, this one’s for you!

Here’s a handy guide from our friends at The Black Tux to help you look your best on your wedding day.  We really like their innovative service!  You pick your look online, and they guide you through the measuring process.  Your complete outfit shows up in a box, just far enough in advance to fix in case something doesn’t quite fit, and then when you’re done, you just throw it back in the box for the mailman to pick up.




Spotlight on Savannah Pedicabs

Savannah Pedicab’s first wedding experience started as a joke, literally. According to owner Rusty Browne, “It was April 1, and a father of a bride called me to a local hotel for me to wait for a bride to exit her reception. It was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke – she would see my pedicab, and then the limo would pull up and we would all have a good laugh.  But when the bride came out she was positively giddy about the pedicab, refused the limo and jumped in my cab!   I remember thinking that I might be on to something!”

In 1994, Rusty Browne launched Savannah Pedicab to provide transportation throughout the downtown Savannah area. A pedicab is a small two- to three- person taxi operated by a human-powered pedal-pushing driver.  When he opened Savannah Pedicab, Browne had no idea his business would also become a successful part of the wedding scene in Savannah.

Based on the increasing demand, Mr. Browne knew that he would need to adjust his business to cater to the needs of his wedding clientele. Therefore, he began to offer special services such as tuxedos and formal wear to fit the drivers, signs, and white drapes for the cabs.

Along with these special services, Savannah Pedicab also began offering custom pedicabs specifically for weddings. Mr. Browne designed and built the custom wedding pedicabs himself. According to Browne, they are the only pedicab service that offer these type of custom cabs.

These pedicabs are available for weddings through Savannah and surrounding areas. “We have a trailer just for the wedding pedicabs, so we can take our equipment to events at Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head, and surrounding areas.”

Looking for a unique getaway vehicle, or transportation for your guests?  Contact Savannah Pedicabs.

Photo credit Izzy Hudgins.




Product Review: Glam Face Saver

Our Research Intern, Brittany Barnwell, is earning a Master of Arts in Luxury and Fashion Management at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and recently attended a fabulous destination wedding in Mexico.

Being the dedicated research intern, she came back with some great information about a product she saw in use there.  Here’s Brittany’s review:

This is for every woman who has gotten the accidental makeup mark on their clothes. We’ve all been there – you’re getting ready for an evening out, prepared your makeup to perfection and then smudged it on your clothes while getting dressed. It’s the ultimate ‘uh-oh’ moment that we hate to face. Whether it’s a special date, corporate event, or your wedding day, we’ve discovered a secret weapon to protect your gorgeous glow. Glam Face Savers is truly a life saver for those who need to protect their face and their clothing, it’s soft, disposable or reusable net that will keep your makeup on your face, have your glamorous outfit remain clean, and keep the smudges at bay.

Brides will want to keep a Glam Face Saver with them, not just on the big day but as soon as they start shopping for their wedding dress. They are great to keep handy as you visit bridal stores and are trying on dresses during your search, and it’s a must for the emergency wedding day bridal kit.

Additionally, many brides will want to stock up on Glam Face Savers for their bridal party. It’s a guarantee that your favorite ladies will avoid makeup smudges on your big day and everyone will look as spectacular as you’ve envisioned it.

For more information on Glam Face Savers, please visit their website.