Product Review: Glam Face Saver

Our Research Intern, Brittany Barnwell, is earning a Master of Arts in Luxury and Fashion Management at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and recently attended a fabulous destination wedding in Mexico.

Being the dedicated research intern, she came back with some great information about a product she saw in use there.  Here’s Brittany’s review:

This is for every woman who has gotten the accidental makeup mark on their clothes. We’ve all been there – you’re getting ready for an evening out, prepared your makeup to perfection and then smudged it on your clothes while getting dressed. It’s the ultimate ‘uh-oh’ moment that we hate to face. Whether it’s a special date, corporate event, or your wedding day, we’ve discovered a secret weapon to protect your gorgeous glow. Glam Face Savers is truly a life saver for those who need to protect their face and their clothing, it’s soft, disposable or reusable net that will keep your makeup on your face, have your glamorous outfit remain clean, and keep the smudges at bay.

Brides will want to keep a Glam Face Saver with them, not just on the big day but as soon as they start shopping for their wedding dress. They are great to keep handy as you visit bridal stores and are trying on dresses during your search, and it’s a must for the emergency wedding day bridal kit.

Additionally, many brides will want to stock up on Glam Face Savers for their bridal party. It’s a guarantee that your favorite ladies will avoid makeup smudges on your big day and everyone will look as spectacular as you’ve envisioned it.

For more information on Glam Face Savers, please visit their website.