Does a “day-of” wedding planner make sense for you?

In talking to new clients, we outline the benefits hiring a full-service wedding planner, and describe the stress it can relieve by having an experienced professional with you every step of the way during the planning process.

Our experience in executing hundreds of events means our team has already through through every eventuality, and already has a Plan A, B and C for each of them.

We’re sometimes asked about something called a “day-of” wedding planners. This may sound like a perfect option for a budget-conscious bride who just wants someone to make sure the event runs smoothly, but they are unlikely to provide outcomes similar to that of a full-service planner.

Wedding planning is a complex process that often involves much more than brides and their families initially realize. A reputable event planner brings you vendor relationships and the knowledge of the best options– and prices — for each component of your event. While you may feel confident selecting each of your vendors for the event, such as the band, the cake designer, transportation, etc., you may not be taking into consideration the numerous small details that need further attention.

For example, do you fully understand the band contract, and are ready to book their hotel rooms, secure their dressing room, meet with them three hours prior to the event to hook up their generator, check their power and stage requirements, give them their food, know when they are allowed to load in and out of the event, and manage the timing and flow of the music to your reception?

After you have ordered your cake, do you have the delivery secured, as well as renting the cake stand and coordinating who will be receiving the cake at the event?

Just as these tasks would be difficult for a bride to manage as she’s supposed to be getting ready to walk down the aisle, it can be just as difficult for a day-of planner to provide you the management you need since they have no prior working experience with your event.  Also, if you have been the main point of contact for your vendors throughout the planning process, they are going to expect to talk to you on the day of the event– not a ‘day-of’ planner that they have never spoken to before.

The job of a wedding planner is to not only manage the event from start to finish, but to work with you to understand your vision.  How can your day-of planner answer any of your venue’s questions regarding space design if they were not the one to plan or design it? You may also be under the impression that your venue’s event manager will be ready and available on site for any management issues, but in most cases, that is not their role, as their Monday through Friday schedule might allow them to drop by, but not stay or execute your event.

These are only a few of the reasons why a full-service wedding planner is a beneficial option, but also why they cost what they do.   Typically, a flat or percentage fee covers all planning and design fees, such as scouting locations, determining budgets, establishing décor concepts, formatting the event, staff to execute ceremony coordination, as well as vendor management to ensure that the event comes in on time and on budget, that the event timeline flows smoothly with exceptional service.

Have questions about what a full-service wedding planner can help you accomplish? Contact us!