Etiquette Course for The Modern Young Lady

EC-3As well-mannered as we know our children to be, it is wonderful for them to have a refresher course on proper manners and etiquette that doesn’t come from a parent, but from an expert in the field.

Etiquette expert Lara Brotherton and Sebrell Smith Designer Events recently co-hosted a fun one-day Etiquette Course for the Modern Young Lady. The workshop was designed for a group of eleven middle-school aged girls who would learn the foundations to create a great first impression.

As the girls arrived, each one introduced themselves to Mrs. Brotherton and sat down around the conference table not knowing what to expect. Each was provided with a folder with a syllabus, notepad, pen, and two blank greeting cards.

EC-2After the entire group arrived, Mrs. Brotherton asked the girls to stand and to give her a hand shake. Nervous at first, they extended their hand and shook Mrs. Brotherton’s hand. Each girl received positive feedback on how to give a confident, strong hand shake. Mrs. Brotherton stressed the importance of making a great first impression, beginning the moment you introduce yourself.

After the hand shake exercise, the girls returned to the conference table to learn about the following topics:

  • How to make small talk
  • Safe topics and bad topics for conversation
  • How to be a good guest
  • Speaking clearly and confident
  • How to walk, stand, and sit properly
  • Entering and leaving a room
  • How to write thank you letters
  • Mobile and Online manners
  • Responding to invitations

EC-1After their interactive lecture, the girls moved on to The Olde Pink House for lunch. Here the girls learned the importance of dinning etiquette. Some of the topics covered were the proper way to take a seat at a table, helping someone with their own chair, where and when to place the napkin, setting a table, how to hold the cutlery, excusing yourself from the table, and how to pass and offer food.

Reactions from the girls were enthusiastic.  Fiona, 11, exclaimed “being a lady is hard, and I learned a lot!”

The girls’ parents have shared positive feedback with event organizers, as well as noting an improvement in table manners at home.

Mrs. Brotherton plans to hold several summer sessions in Savannah for boys and girls of different ages.  To learn more, email us for