Spotlight on Savannah Pedicabs

Savannah Pedicab’s first wedding experience started as a joke, literally. According to owner Rusty Browne, “It was April 1, and a father of a bride called me to a local hotel for me to wait for a bride to exit her reception. It was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke – she would see my pedicab, and then the limo would pull up and we would all have a good laugh.  But when the bride came out she was positively giddy about the pedicab, refused the limo and jumped in my cab!   I remember thinking that I might be on to something!”

In 1994, Rusty Browne launched Savannah Pedicab to provide transportation throughout the downtown Savannah area. A pedicab is a small two- to three- person taxi operated by a human-powered pedal-pushing driver.  When he opened Savannah Pedicab, Browne had no idea his business would also become a successful part of the wedding scene in Savannah.

Based on the increasing demand, Mr. Browne knew that he would need to adjust his business to cater to the needs of his wedding clientele. Therefore, he began to offer special services such as tuxedos and formal wear to fit the drivers, signs, and white drapes for the cabs.

Along with these special services, Savannah Pedicab also began offering custom pedicabs specifically for weddings. Mr. Browne designed and built the custom wedding pedicabs himself. According to Browne, they are the only pedicab service that offer these type of custom cabs.

These pedicabs are available for weddings through Savannah and surrounding areas. “We have a trailer just for the wedding pedicabs, so we can take our equipment to events at Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head, and surrounding areas.”

Looking for a unique getaway vehicle, or transportation for your guests?  Contact Savannah Pedicabs.

Photo credit Izzy Hudgins.